Most pictures and words from Anthony C Murphy

Monday, 21 November 2011


I shall hear from her nothing more
Not that I am deaf to pleasure
Nor that she whispers at my ear
I fear she is now hardened, stone

I should expect then nothing less
Having only pennies for bones
Her currency within the million
Still enough for my diffidence

So diamond tough she cuts me out
With a silence pure, unsweetened
I listen again to fellow
Men, undermined yet in station

So I shall write her eloquent letters
Fuelled by a wine fired mind in thrall
Desire strong enough to destroy any doubt
Together times shared yet shared alone

So she shall suck the blood from my fingers
And taste the salt of my atheist soul
I give her my all in a timeless call
To lick her lips and move months with her tongue

So I shall speak lost thoughts to the spaces
Use my guesses get no comfort again
For my brain and bone are all that I own
And hers are hers and her matter alone

The sea is no less inviting today
Seen here from this blue and terrible height
It is mobile with white flicks or silver
In flight; flecks of never, undetermined

To wish for the depths seems ridiculous
But dizziness affects more than the feet
A fool’s dancing head on a beach full of
Clouds out of reach is forever ending

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