Most pictures and words from Anthony C Murphy

Sunday, 30 October 2011


Into the world
Fat and full of blood
This entered mess of you
Deep red drips to the linoleum
Then with ribbons of scarlet tissue
You were given up to me as they mothered
Her life
She went angry
To the ICU cursing
Midwives that guessed
All the previous knowledge
Now a test of their miss management
Skills not an issue, more like what do you
Call it?
Collateral damage?
No. Containment? No.
Something we would learn
Later like newborns ourselves
To this. Get the anaesthetist please
Anyone who knows what they are doing
To stop it
To help us out
Of these white white
Walls full of antiseptic attitude
A grandmother or two would be
Welcome now but no more of this red
Ridiculous floor, and please no more blood



Thursday, 27 October 2011


GYNOTIKOLOBOMASSOPHILE :  noun      someone who loves to fondle (usually nibble) women's earlobes

The auricle has spoken


You're working
I am looking
It is getting dark

They are staying with friends
The company is losing money
It is starting to rain

You are making. I am trying
What is happening?

I am not listening
She is not having
I am not eating

He is learning
They are not speaking
I am getting tired

Time is not working
I am doing

thanks to Raymond Murphy, English Grammar in Use, 3rd Edition

Monday, 24 October 2011


And would sigh at the tale
Of sunk Lyonnesse,
As a wind-tugged tress
Flapped her cheek like a flail;
Or listen at whiles
With a thought-bound brow
To the murmuring miles
She is far from now.

Thomas Hardy d. 1928



EMPASM :      verb                   to sprinkle perfume or powder on someone


 never been to Bunhill Fields or Stoke Poges
or near Cowper's poplar
  I stay away from Westminster
and have no clue where Charlotte Smith is buried
    I did grow on the edge of Bronteness
but just like you
I thought them dinosaurs
     Shelley was too far away
I can't connect anything
with anything
      Ted Hughes though was close
to our border
     Is he any good?
My friends would be mortified
if they ever read this
Our still alive heroes
 sell car insurance and butter
Forget them all
at you peril

even Neil Armstrong had to come back down to earth
and provide a three course meal for some sycophantic worms
The Hornblower Brothers

Sunday, 23 October 2011


Welcome to Epsom

It is fully air conditioned. What more do you need from a restaurant?

The Gay Gun


You kill me

Ben Kingsley as a
Polish American hitman

You can't unkill them, they're still dead
And he said
I don't regret killing them
just killing them badly

Watch out

This life is not in stages
You can get off
It flows and has bends
And movies that get you
Sometimes on repeat
Still get you off

Influenced by a late night watching and impressed by some writing.........could have been John Dahl or Christopher Markus or Stephen McFeely. I would like to know.

hristopher Markus
Stephen McFeely




Tuesday, 18 October 2011


I would love
To be in the State of Yap

Money so hard
To use
Like eating a tea 
Of stone doughnuts


What is all this juice and all this joy?

GM Hopkins

Monday, 17 October 2011


MESOPYGION :  noun           the crack of the arse

( not the aftermath of a cat burglar's visit to a bird nest )

thanks to  The Penguin Dictionary of Curious and Interesting Words

Friday, 14 October 2011


Me and you do not exist
She always came first
I as usual agreed to whatever it was she said
It wasn’t the worst
Approximation of the state of US

Walk home drunk alone without even a conversation now to warm an ear

I missed out again, missed the meaning or what was meant
So busied my mind with the moon
It was awe
Some star or planet shone as bright
But smaller, no, further out
And there were wisps of grey
No, silver blue, clouds around
As a frame, as burnt away by these two show-offs
I could see Orion too to the south unbothered as he was
All because I looked up

I touched five sycamore trunks on the walk back
They seemed to wear high hats and beards
And snail or slug trails tinseled around them
I said hello to the trees of Clyde Rd
And they waved me on like buddleia by the sidings
As I chugged unsteadily to the station
At London Road I crossed the bridge
And heard the squealings of a vixen
Then witnessed a pairing upon a wall, all brazen
The fantastic one uncoupled himself and high-tailed it
As I rounded the corner
He stopped to check I was not following
Then entered my garden
The little fucker
Home again he led me

And what are my trees?
They need identification
I am surrounded but
The fruit has all dropped
The flowers long gone
The leaves too, soon

Oh, I will be here next year
Unlike some I could mention


‘Sometimes I think this leg is the most beautiful thing in the world, and sometimes the other,’ I said. 

‘I suppose the truth lies somewhere in between.’ ”  

Peter DeVries

Friday, 7 October 2011


Look, mon vieux, anybody who subsists day after day on cheap wine and shag tobacco is going to cut off his ears.

... onions for the poor as the most nourishing of foods for the least sous. And olive oil... 

Guy Davenport

Wednesday, 5 October 2011



You know last week
Before you changed your mind again
About us
You know last week
When you sent me that wish
I was looking at rings
Looking because I was not buying but
I was deciding
I chose one with a medium sized sapphire
Mined, cut and set in the 1910’s
It was worth four and a half thousand English pounds
Then I thought that this money
Should I get it
Will go further if
And don’t be disappointed
I get one for half that
So I went in and asked about emeralds and tradition
And the jeweler questioned my intention
Because they all looked shabby in comparison
And he was a salesman
I found dusted rubies in other shops
But nothing compared to that blue original
Clarity is what I am after
Something clear cut is the key
I need William of Occam
His shaver and a whole bottle of suds
On my side, bored of beer though
Or you to decide to come here but
Do I need diamonds to cut through this bull shit
When there is nothing on offer

Tuesday, 4 October 2011


My gag reflexes
Like a hair trigger
Is that why I pun and
Can retch upon a strand
In my canal
It all makes me sick
Chucking into a pink checked teatowel
The contents wiggle out violent red
The life of the interior on show
And I am thankful that I remember
What I ate late last night
And what swam within me


apologies to R Barker

Sunday, 2 October 2011






EDWARD, JOHN and STEPHANIE, all three are children but not necessarily.
TEACHER’S VOICE, off stage.
CHILDREN’S VOICES,  off stage.

Centre stage is a climbing frame. Off stage can be heard children’s voices at play. EDWARD, wearing shorts, enters and delicately makes his way to the top of the frame. There he perches, observing, swinging his legs slow and easy. JOHN approaches from the other side, he is more robust and throws himself towards the first rung of the frame only to be stopped by....

EDWARD          You can’t come up here.

JOHN                  I bet I can.

EDWARD           You’re not allowed.

JOHN                  Why?

EDWARD           No girls!

JOHN                   I’m not a girl.

Edward scrutinizes John.

EDWARD            Oh. Ok.

John starts to climb, he messes about throughout, swinging and falling off and such. He doesn’t make it to the very top.

JOHN                     I told my mum to cut my hair…. She likes it though…
                               (to John)  What are you doing?

EDWARD             Nothing…Watching. I am an eagle.

JOHN                    Well I am a puma, or a leopard, because they can retract their          

EDWARD              (looks at his hands) Hidden talons… I am gonna swoop down and   
                                catch my prey… Probably Timmy over there as he looks juiciest.

JOHN                      You couldn’t carry it off.

EDWARD               Maybe not.

JOHN                      Look at your legs!

EDWARD               What about my legs?

JOHN                       There’s not a scratch on them. They look like my Nan’s best  
                                 dinner plates. All thin and white and shiny. We only use them at

EDWARD                Well what’s wrong with that? I’ve got Christmas legs.

JOHN                        I’ve got lots of bruises. My dad says I’m accident prone. Him
                                  and Derek have bets on when I’m going to fall over.

EDWARD                Who’s Derek?

JOHN                        A friend from the pub.

EDWARD                 My dad doesn’t go to the pub, he drinks nice wine. Although I
                                  don’t know what’s nice about it. It makes me cry.

JOHN                        The pub’s great. You get loads of coke and crisps and 
                                  everyone’s happy. Not like church.

EDWARD                 Is that still going? We haven’t been in years.

JOHN                        We have to go. Although last Sunday we were on the way and I
                                  tripped up and fell into a bucket of soapy water and we had to go
                                  back home and miss it.

EDWARD                 I bet he tripped you up and won a tenner.

JOHN                         No! Do you think so?

EDWARD                 Yeah, and got out of church…  Maybe I should swoop on
                                   Darren instead. He’s smaller but still looks tasty.

JOHN                         Him! He stinks.

EDWARD                  We all do.  Apparently.

John stops, sniffs himself and shrugs.

JOHN                         Church smells good. It’s like exhaust pipes and fresh tarmac.

EDWARD                  Don’t you get bored?

JOHN                          I don’t know.

STEPHANIE enters, she heads towards the frame opposite John and steps onto it.

JOHN                         You’re not allowed

STEPHANIE              Who says?

JOHN                          Well… Him.

Stephanie notices Edward.

STEPHANIE              Oh, him… I’m not worried about him.

She continues to climb and mess about, much like John, who carries on as before. Edward shifts. John and Stephanie never go above halfway, Edward is always at the top.      

STEPHANIE (cont… to John)     So, whose class are you in?

JOHN                         I don’t know yet. I am new. How about you?

STEPHANIE             Top one, same as Smelly Eddie there.

EDWARD                  I had a lot of garlic. Some people like it.

JOHN                         I’m a leopard and he’s an…

EDWARD                  Shut up!

STEPHANIE              I know, he’s an eagle (laughs, then to John). What’s your

JOHN                          Err…Spot.

STEPHANIE               No, your real name.

EDWARD                   Leave him alone. Why don’t you go away?

STEPHANIE               I am not talking to you. You stay up there out of it.
                                     (to John) He never wants to join in. Do you want to play kiss

John looks intrigued.

EDWARD                    I knew it! Stay away from her, Spot.

JOHN                            I don’t know. What is it?

EDWARD                    (butting in) She’ll make you kiss her and then she’ll run away
                                      laughing and tell all her friends that you slobber on her chin.

JOHN                            Doesn’t sound …

STEPHANIE                No I won’t. That was just you because you’re such a … 
                                      Anyway, I haven’t got any friends.

EDWARD                    Such a what?

STEPHANIE                I dunno… So do you want to play or not?

JOHN                           Ok.

Stephanie runs off and John chases her, leaving Edward alone.

EDWARD                   Idiots! Running around like little mice. Why is everyone so

Edward sits, swinging his legs. John comes back after a while and gets back onto the frame.

EDWARD                   Well?

JOHN                          I couldn’t catch her…She’s like a cheetah… So do you want to
                                    play something?

EDWARD                   No… I’m watching.

JOHN                          Do you like football?

EDWARD                   It’s pointless.

JOHN                          Sometimes it is… My dad took me to a match and all the
                                    crowd was shouting at each other and calling each other names
                                    and all the other crowd had funny voices… I don’t know who

EDWARD                   No one in that situation.

JOHN                          What do you mean?

EDWARD                   Well none of it makes any sense.

JOHN                           Yeah, but it goes on, doesn’t it. What else is there?

EDWARD                   Here she comes.

Stephanie enters and climbs back on.

STEPHANIE                At least he caught me.

JOHN                            Sorry. It was my first time though.

STEPHANIE                That’s okay.

Edward snorts.

STEPHANIE                Shut up you… What shall we do now?

JOHN                            We’re watching.

STEPHANIE                 Watching what?

JOHN                             I don’t know.

EDWARD                     We’re watching life’s poor needlework come unstitched.

STEPHANIE                 What is he on about?

John shrugs.

EDWARD                      I mean look at them all. The future. Brainless chickens
                                       chasing kisses or footballs. Is that all there is?

STEPHANIE                 Well eagles don’t do much

EDWARD                      Don’t you dare say that. They are majestic. Concerned with
                                        only the basic need for survival.

STEPHANIE                  They are boring.

JOHN                              Cheetahs are majestic too… and leopards.

EDWARD                       God!

STEPHANIE                   They are all boring.

John is a little hurt.

TEACHER’S VOICE     Playtime’s over!

STEPHANIE                  Good. Come on Spot. Time to go. I’ve got a painting to 

JOHN                              Ok… (to Edward) Are you coming?

EDWARD                       I don’t think so.

Stephanie exits.

JOHN                              Are you stuck?

EDWARD (protesting)    No!

JOHN                             I can help you down if you’d like.

EDWARD                      I am fine. You go.

JOHN (exiting)               Okay. See ya!

EDWARD                      I am staying here.

Curtain closes.