Most pictures and words from Anthony C Murphy

Sunday, 30 October 2011


Into the world
Fat and full of blood
This entered mess of you
Deep red drips to the linoleum
Then with ribbons of scarlet tissue
You were given up to me as they mothered
Her life
She went angry
To the ICU cursing
Midwives that guessed
All the previous knowledge
Now a test of their miss management
Skills not an issue, more like what do you
Call it?
Collateral damage?
No. Containment? No.
Something we would learn
Later like newborns ourselves
To this. Get the anaesthetist please
Anyone who knows what they are doing
To stop it
To help us out
Of these white white
Walls full of antiseptic attitude
A grandmother or two would be
Welcome now but no more of this red
Ridiculous floor, and please no more blood

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