Most pictures and words from Anthony C Murphy

Wednesday, 5 October 2011



You know last week
Before you changed your mind again
About us
You know last week
When you sent me that wish
I was looking at rings
Looking because I was not buying but
I was deciding
I chose one with a medium sized sapphire
Mined, cut and set in the 1910’s
It was worth four and a half thousand English pounds
Then I thought that this money
Should I get it
Will go further if
And don’t be disappointed
I get one for half that
So I went in and asked about emeralds and tradition
And the jeweler questioned my intention
Because they all looked shabby in comparison
And he was a salesman
I found dusted rubies in other shops
But nothing compared to that blue original
Clarity is what I am after
Something clear cut is the key
I need William of Occam
His shaver and a whole bottle of suds
On my side, bored of beer though
Or you to decide to come here but
Do I need diamonds to cut through this bull shit
When there is nothing on offer

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