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Saturday, 17 March 2012


BORGORE  -  Friday 16th, Webster Hall

The Gorestepper in The Devil’s Playhouse.
Where is the mess?
Borgore thinks he is different. He sees himself as a provocation addict, a metal head creating misadventures in dubstep. Still, he wants to make money. He is a brand, Buygore, you can purchase his black Fanny Wangs with leopard print cushions for 300 dollars. He is selling and here we are. He continues his blingyFlex video theme tonight. There are girls on poles, cheerleading with their cheek. Borgore’s tongue is firmly in, yet he hopes ours aren't, this is the tour after all - it’s a work out. The jarring thing about the Flex video is that it doesn’t let you settle into the smooth MTV pattern. The image constantly wobbles, shakes, flexes and the soundtrack is off.  On stage this is impractical, instead we get a bombardment of laser light and smoke, and the wobbling, flexing girls. 
Borgore could relax into tradition and let the party crowd assume the positions but he doesn’t, nothing lasts too long. Shapes are thrown along with air punches, yet it feels constrained. People scratch their heads as their awkward arms are still raised. The onstage entourage continues to grow almost to Borgore’s ignorance. People want to bounce, it’s three a.m. New girls try the poles whilst dancers take a break. Here we are sandwiched between SXSW and St.Patrick’s, and we’re already jaded. The MC doesn’t help, he underlines, he’s a walking exclamation mark and he looks like a mailroom clerk.
     Where is the edge? Does he want to see the guts of the customers, or just their skeletons? I’ve never seen so many people itching to dance, but he won’t release them. Is he making a point? Is he being different? The bass drops out, you can hear people talking, that’s unheard of. And then comes crowd favorite, Nympho, it’s a relief, there is a joyous singalong moment, he was just fucking with us after all. It gets nearly as big a cheer as when he spins Green Day later - then it does get messy.

Last night I was introduced to a girl called Tess...  Tess Tickles... at least I think she was a girl...

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