Most pictures and words from Anthony C Murphy

Wednesday, 30 May 2012


It’s the first day we’ve been able to lie out  
The atmosphere has been moody 
Here we are though on the loungers  
And the surf mashes onto the buttery sand behind us 
We have brought a book each but are soon distracted by an iguana 
It wanders into vision about twenty feet away on the grass  
In a clearing fringed with coconut palms 
The lizard is big and its tail tapers off to a seemingly infinite point 
It is unafraid and its movements are elegant 
Then it stops 
A smaller one, more colourful, scampers up alongside 
This one has a crest and seems a little skittish 
Are you watching?  
Yes, I say 
Everyone is 
The small one climbs on to the scaly spine of the first 
They stay like that for ten minutes 
Maybe more 
I look at my book 
But can’t finish a sentence  
Some kids from the chalet next door come and take photographs 
It looks like a mother giving its baby a ride 
As chimps cling to the breast 
But I guess they are just having sex  
They are not having sex!   
I sip a little rum as he gets his spuds in slowly 
Is it the way of it here in the tropics 
They don’t seem to care 
There by the bar  
A stone skip from the sea  
As the waves break and break again 

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