Most pictures and words from Anthony C Murphy

Thursday, 20 December 2012


Maybe I will make a spam salad
I think I might
I would like that
Or maybe a macaroni salad
Ask her!
Hey ask her
If she would like a macaroni salad
Or if she would like a spam salad on Saturday
When she comes over to see…

Okay. Okay. I will text her.

I think I might make a spam salad…

She says she wants your potato salad

I was thinking to do spam salad or maybe macaroni salad… or…

She says that she only wants your potato salad

She doesn’t know what’s good for her
I was thinking about a spam salad
You wait here
I have to go in

She says that she only wants your potato salad
And nobody else’s potato salad…

I have to go in
Wait here

She’s so crazy

I know, wait though

So it’s all fine
I put on forty pounds
We just wait for the sonogram now
So I was thinking maybe I could do a baked ziti
Or the spam salad
You know
Stop doing that!

She only wants your potato salad

Well tell her she’s not coming to Burger King
She can’t Have It Her Way
Ha ha haha haha ha!
Tell her

I will
Isn’t that McDonalds?

Burger King
Have It Your Way!
Tell her that
She’s not coming to Burger King for dinner
And stop doing that!

It’s not BK, you can’t always have it your way

She won’t understand that
She won’t get it
I am thinking baked ziti now
I think
Or the spam salad

She says
In Queens we always get it our way

I told you she wouldn’t get it
She’s thinking Brooklyn

She’s so crazy

I know
I’ll tell her
B-U-R-G-E-R  K-I-N-G
How do you spell moron?


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