Most pictures and words from Anthony C Murphy

Monday, 28 January 2013


The bar on Avenue B looked suitably dirty
It was dark and the windows gave no hint
As to what went on inside
I needed someplace quiet
To finish the thoughts I had been carrying
There should have been sawdust on the floor
Like the pearly Yates’s of years ago
A few bearded men sat at the bar
Nibbling on their nuts
It was a trick they’d learnt early
I ordered a stout and watched the menu
And looked at the t.v. screen
Two ultimate fighters got bloody on the canvas
It was obscene
I could find no peace
The pizzas were dairy free
The gravy was vegan
And  the hippies happily nodded at my disgust
They have landed
A few punches
A righteous hook
Here and there
The cheezeless amongst us

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