Most pictures and words from Anthony C Murphy

Monday, 29 August 2011


This word has just started to look weird 
But then those do too
If I concentrate for more than a minute
Weird, word, just, look
That one should be 
Yet has always been a working class woman to me
Not being concerned 
With the romantic etymology
Or some loony river castle-bound lady-in-waiting
It was a mothering bosom first
Then later Edith with her besom
Babysitting often, mishearing more
The constant, 'Eh?' and mouthing from the mills
Until she became a post punk teenager
In docs and black leggings
Sharing pints of Guinness
And the chips we shouldered
A lass with occasional sunshine
It is what we do
Embody things
Smother them with personal gravies
But not now
I left it to become a word
I do not understand anymore

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