Most pictures and words from Anthony C Murphy

Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Another year relaxes in its embers
We gather for our farewell

Through the months cuckoos have called
You have not heard, I wouldn’t know
Leaves fell off branches, regardless

In the evening sun on a Bandon hill
Still at this familiar hole
I try to think of your face
Taste the earth in the air

Your intake of breath is what I remember
That preoccupied, sucking - yeah!
Peculiar to this parish as you were
We can’t confuse you with mother
You are absent-bodied no more

We came here together apart thirty years
We carried each other once a piece
Me a slapped kid, you in the urn
We shared your winey meals in between
Those blood red beef stews we loved
Stocked full of juice and mushrooms

This is all we had though, moments at dinner
Dirt chewed today is spat tomorrow
My thoughts slip away leaving you
Under mouldering heaps
I head towards laundry and tea
As the moon balls out above the church
All proud through the grasping branches

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