Most pictures and words from Anthony C Murphy

Friday, 3 May 2013



Coming out of the woodwork
It is a portent
Centipedes eating ants in the bed
This ark has rot
We should not have brought on the termites, Noah!
Get your
Shingle shots
Flu jabs
Anything to make it seem
That you are not giving in
Vote for the mayor
Or don’t
Vote for the other guy
Who won’t
Pucker up for
The apocalypse
Of all places
Doesn’t feel the pinch
Because nothing goes on there
And on and on
And you can’t have an end
When nothing has begun
Nothing has begun again
Thank the flies of the lord
...And whatever they house
God cock that crows for some
For others, king crab louse
Thank the flies
That you live in Ipswich
Which is a metaphor
For any shitty urban sprawl
At least it has its uses
Thank someone somewhere for that
You can have it all
You see
Some of you
When the rest have gone 

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