Most pictures and words from Anthony C Murphy

Wednesday, 1 May 2013




Liberty lived in New York
But she had never seen the city
She was too busy
With work

One day her work just dried up
She didn’t know why
There was nothing left for her to do

She put down her flashlight
Took off her tiara
Scratched her head
Rested her arms
And looked about
Her neck creaking with stiffness

She saw that her uniform was a little shabby
And so, she thought, a trip to Manhattan
To shop!

It wasn’t very far
She landed on the island and walked up Broadway
There was nobody around
But all the stores were open
Where had everyone gone
She wondered
Maybe they’d moved on
After that last storm
And then there had been the constant sun

She stomped around the fashion district
Then peered up 5th Avenue
Surely they’d have something to fit somewhere
Her eyes were wide as Macy’s windows
Framed in an eight foot face
Yet dazed by emptiness

She had seen the Empire State looking sad
And the Chrysler a bit twisted
As she gazed in wonder at what humans could do
With some glass and metal and concrete
She sat down on the Library steps
And contemplated her huge feet
As she took off her sandals
Size 82’s
In the scale of the human race
Maybe there was nothing for her here
It wasn’t much fun without people
Maybe she would have to go to China

She decided to ask the President if he needed her at all
So she set off for South Dakota and Mt. Rushmore



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