Most pictures and words from Anthony C Murphy

Thursday, 25 October 2012


Up the 3rd floor of 3rd Street at 4.30 a.m
At the window listening to the neighbourhood
That is not too fried by the gentry
Listen to the outside simmer as it settles for the night
The frustrated howls
The siren’s prowl and blare
The drunken sloppy fights
This co-op pregnant with people
Lying inside
I touch the magic belly again as your mother sleeps
And think I find your head
You flinch
I imagine you rub your eyes like a cute baby human would
You don’t cry
There are no tears where you are
Just you wait…
Anticipation will become expectation
Heavy on your greenstick shoulders
The world will bombard you with choices
Pony Riding Princess Ballerina Astronaut
Nymphomaniac Lesbian Nun
Alcoholic Serial Widow Reformed Evangelical TV Chef Pop Idol
Or all of the above

But don’t worry baby
We won’t care what you do
As long as you can be free
And make it soon

As your Ma's heart continues to burn 

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  1. Really like this one Ant, hope you and Valerie are doing well. All the best, Michael