Most pictures and words from Anthony C Murphy

Wednesday, 3 October 2012


In October as the pips fall
Where they May
And the clocks tick backwards
In misty eyed recollection of June
New Yorkshire bathes in a shining sun
And pulls at its blue and white collar
As the sweatrickles race with gravity
Ever on
Wholesome Jeremiah Woebegone puffs out his cheeks
In a close approximation of an anthropomorphic representation
Of the North Wind
And blows the crown of suds from the meniscus on his glass of Brown Ale
Before quaffing an unladylike amount of liquid for such a pretty young thing
It is what it is and has ever been thus and it is very that
He agrees wholeheartedly noncommittal as usual
With the landlord
It’s like, whatever!
Who is used to serving up the usual to the increasingly unusual
But this is a first in any tavern in any town
An overheard use of
As a dismissive exclamation
And he neglects to write it down
I wouldn’t say the yeoman missed the boat
But he waves a perpetually unclaimed ticket
Soaking all sorts of soppish ideas as he does
Only to wring them out in morning’s drain 

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