Most pictures and words from Anthony C Murphy

Thursday, 18 October 2012


I got a job as a postman
Delivering monarch embossed packages
After shakingly waking rude people at two pm
It was not the done thing
to take a van home
but we drivers did
as the managers had done
Before us
So it happened
When you needed to sneak off to the beach
Or do a spot of shopping
The thing with a Royal Mail trucklet is that they are
Parkable anywhere
Even on the double yellows
We were safe
Police would sometimes commandeer us for this hi vis purpose
And like-minded criminals in their surveillance
So why not ?
I took to using the technique with my own car
And had a sign made that red
And yellow in its liveried elegance
Explained that this
Is not an abandoned vehicle
But rather the Real Mail on official business
And would leave it wherever I ended up 
After that night's rumbunctions
Of course some just cannot read
Present company excepted
As you are here
After all

I still got towed

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